Fun Facts About Oklahoma

Every state has some secret facts and Oklahoma is one such state with some fun and interesting facts. These are some of the reasons why visitors come from different parts of the U.S and the whole world to be part of the people and the state. Here is a look at some fun facts about Oklahoma you need to know about.


Home to world’s first Mounted Parking Meter

The first ever parking meter was installed in the city of Oklahoma on July 16,1935. It is also important to understand that the coin-controlled parking meter was discovered by Carl C. Magee. He patented this invention on the same year. It is something you should consider seeing if you are to travel to Oklahoma.


Cowboy Hall of Fame


This state is famous for its cowboys and cowgirls. This representation has been part of Oklahoma for ages. So the fact that there is a National Cowboy Hall of Fame situated in this state makes a lot of sense.


Cow Chip Throwing Competition


A cow chip is simply a cow waste or a cow dung for those who don’t have cows. Did you know that there is a bizarre annual contest of cow chip throwing? This competition is quite outstanding and one that’s attended by thousands of visitors. The chips are normally tossed up in the air for more than 150 feet.


The annual World Cow Chip Throwing comes every April. Visitors who want to be part of this outstanding event should now be able to reschedule their calendars and head to Oklahoma.


Discovery of The Voice Mail


Do you want to meet the person who discovered the voicemail? Go to Oklahoma. Gordon Matthews of Oklahoma is the brains behind the creation of electronic message system. So now you know who to thank for the significant discovery that lets you leave messages when the person you are calling is not at home.


Dinosaur Relic


This state is also known for its rich history and it is home to a very important fossil. It hosts Saurophaganax Maximus, a very rare dinosaur specie. So the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History is where you will find this incredible discovery.


Loaded State Meal


If you love eating then this is a fun fact that will keep you in Oklahoma forever. With so much exciting foods to grab, you will never go hungry in Oklahoma. You will easily find simple and healthy breakfast recipes from almost all cafes. The state’s meal will blow your mind. This includes squash, fried okra, corn, black-eyed peas, sausage and gravy, cornbread, chicken fried steak, biscuits, pecan pie, biscuits, strawberries and barbecue pork, just to mention a few.


The Indian Blanket


If you are in the state for sightseeing then you will love the state’s flower known as the Indian Blanket or Firewheel. This is a combination of yellow and red flower hues that create a dreamy blossom and rich history attached to it. This is a spectacular sight to behold and the best place to take photos with your loved one, friends or family